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adj. lank·er, lank·est
1. Long and lean. See Synonyms at lean2.
2. Long, straight, and limp: lank and floppy hair.

[Middle English, from Old English hlanc.]

lank′ly adv.
lank′ness n.
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Her pretty face was wan and listless; her hair uncurled: some locks hanging lankly down, and some carelessly twisted round her head.
Sweden, May 7 -- Three years has passed since the heroic armed forces eliminated terrorism enabling Sri Lankly to proudly go down in history as the only country to have eliminated terrorism and an internationally banned terrorist organization.
However, the lankly left winger McClean caught the eye of O'Neill on that blustery day despite being in his own words "terrible for the first 15 minutes because I was trying too hard to impress "and found himself on the bench for the very next match against Blackburn Rovers at the Stadium of Light.