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adj. lank·er, lank·est
1. Long and lean. See Synonyms at lean2.
2. Long, straight, and limp: lank and floppy hair.

[Middle English, from Old English hlanc.]

lank′ly adv.
lank′ness n.
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What he in green thought of Don Quixote of La Mancha was that a man of that sort and shape he had never yet seen; he marvelled at the length of his hair, his lofty stature, the lankness and sallowness of his countenance, his armour, his bearing and his gravity- a figure and picture such as had not been seen in those regions for many a long day.
In the dim light, the salient points of his personality, the long face, the black hair, his lankness, made him look more foreign than ever.
The gravity of his dress, together with a certain lankness of cheek and stiffness of deportment, added nearly ten years to his age, but his figure was that of one not yet past thirty.