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A lanner falcon, especially a female of the species.

[Middle English laner, from Old French lanier, woolweaver, coward, from Latin lānārius, woolworker, from lāna, wool.]


1. (Animals) a large falcon, Falco biarmicus, of Mediterranean regions, N Africa, and S Asia
2. (Falconry) falconry the female of this falcon. Compare lanneret
[C15: from Old French (faucon) lanier cowardly (falcon), from Latin lanārius wool worker, coward; referring to its sluggish flight and timid nature]


(ˈlæn ər)

1. a falcon, Falco biarmicus, of S Europe, N Africa, and S Asia.
2. the female of this bird.
[1250–1300; Middle English laner < Middle French lanier literally, wool weaver (< Latin lānārius)]
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Good-morning, Lanner," answered Holmes; "you won't think me an intruder, I am sure.
but our lady is lighter than a lanner, and might teach the cleverest Cordovan or Mexican how to mount; she cleared the back of the saddle in one jump, and without spurs she is making the hackney go like a zebra; and her damsels are no way behind her, for they all fly like the wind;" which was the truth, for as soon as they saw Dulcinea mounted, they pushed on after her, and sped away without looking back, for more than half a league.
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But developmental biologist Fredrik Lanner of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm is the first researcher to publicly acknowledge editing genes in viable human embryos.
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