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Any of a series of chemically similar metallic elements with atomic numbers ranging from 57 (lanthanum) through 71 (lutetium). The lanthanides, together with yttrium and scandium, constitute the rare-earth elements. Also called lanthanoid.

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(ˈlænθəˌnaɪd) or


(Elements & Compounds) any element of the lanthanide series. Also called: rare earth or rare-earth element
[C19: from lanthanum + -ide]
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(ˈlæn θəˌnaɪd, -nɪd)

any element of a series of rare-earth elements of atomic numbers 57 through 71.
[1925–30; lanthan (um) + -ide]
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Any of a series of 15 naturally occurring metallic elements. The lanthanides include elements having atomic numbers 57 through 71. They are grouped apart from the rest of the elements in the Periodic Table because they all behave in a similar way in chemical reactions. Also called rare-earth element. See Periodic Table.
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Noun1.lanthanide - any element of the lanthanide series (atomic numbers 57 through 71)
group, grouping - any number of entities (members) considered as a unit
terbium metal - a separate group of related lanthanides, including terbium, europium, gadolinium, and sometimes dysprosium
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By applying the concentration values of four lanthanide elements in each tetrad group, The size of [T.sub.i] (i=1, 2, 3, and 4) is computed by the following equation (4) proposed by Monecke et al.
FScan Ltd has agreed a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with Glide Pharma that will see the Oxfordshire-based firm exploit its lanthanide technology, which uses light energy to measure the level of citrate in seminal fluid samples.
In fact, the researches of REE geochemistry in oils is a separate branch of REE geochemistry in the sedimentary cycle with the presence of hydrocarbons of oil and gas based on the research of fundamental chemical properties of REE: "lanthanide compression" effect for trivalent lanthanides (La--Lu) and properties of certain lanthanides to change their ionic radii with the change of valence in the changeable oxidizing-reduction environment.
For example, dual-modal (UC/DC) luminescence has been successfully realized through lanthanide (Ln) ions doped NaGdF4 core/shell nanocrystals by Chen's group [11].
In a typical procedure for the preparation of NaY[F.sub.4]:20 mol% [Yb.sup.3+], 2 mol% [Er.sup.3+] NPs, a PEI solution (5mL, 5wt%) was added to a mixture of Ln[(N[O.sub.3]).sub.3] x 6[H.sub.2]O aqueous solution (2.5 mL, 0.2 mol/L, lanthanide ion molar ratio, and Y/Yb/Er = 78: 20 : 2), NaCl aqueous solution (2.5 mL, 0.2 mol/L), and DEG (20 mL) with vigorous stirring for 1 h.
The purpose of this paper is to disuse the main concepts of the rapid changes in structure of lanthanide and actinide nuclei by using some good indicators like energy ratios, two-neutron separation energies and reduced electric quadruple transition probabilities.
Up to now, a great many porous coordination polymers have been synthesized and characterized, including both lanthanide (4f) and transition (3d) metals [13-20].
These latter include pyrochemical treatment of spent nuclear fuels, highly selective compounds for solvent extraction processes, partitioning and transmutation, solid-phase extraction technology for actinide and lanthanide separations, supercritical fluid and ionic liquid extraction techniques, and biological treatment processes.
The nice thing about the periodic table is that it is periodic, there are 13 lanthanide elements with 37 different stable isotopes and the chemistry of the lanthanides is similar.
He also explained about the results of the research, noting, "We succeeded in the synthesis of di(carboxymethoxy)benzoin-based compounds and their attachment to lanthanide nanoparticles.