lap dog

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lap dog

1. A small dog kept as a pet.
2. Informal One eager to do another's bidding, especially in order to maintain a position of privilege or favor: "a bunch of intellectual lap dogs for anybody who holds a big job in government" (Mike Barnicle).

lap′ dog`

a small pet dog that can be held in the lap.
كَلْب صَغير مُدَلَّل
küçük ev köpeği


(lӕp) noun
1. the part from waist to knees of a person who is sitting. The baby was lying in its mother's lap.
2. one round of a racecourse or other competition track. The runners have completed five laps, with three still to run.
lap dog
a small pet dog.
the lap of luxury
very luxurious conditions. living in the lap of luxury.
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The maid took a handbag and the lap dog, the butler and a porter the other baggage.
Then Polly had to be fed, the lap dog combed, and a dozen trips upstairs and down to get things or deliver orders, for the old lady was very lame and seldom left her big chair.
And to Korak this mountain of destruction was docile and affectionate as a lap dog.
Trevor is a two-year-old neutered pit mix who loves running, costuming and pretending hes a lap dog even though he weighs over 40 pounds.
Publicity Picture Opie is definitely not a lap dog, says canine carer Abigail Whitmore.
Penne is looking for a home where he can get daily exercise and would love to go on runs, and when that's out of the way, he would love to prove that he is a lap dog.
Lap dog breeds were created with the cuteness factor in mind, intended to be your eternal babies with large heads, large eyes.
The Master's Nazi-loving German lap dog was at least injured after Palmer shot him with silver bullets.
Buddy is a big softie, he loves everybody, he likes to think he is a lap dog and sits on everyone's knee.
Name: | Willow Age: Six Owner: Ruth Daverson Lives: Newcastle - Willow loves sitting on your knee he thinks he's a lap dog
Mrs Kennedy, you need to do what's got to be done, don't be a lap dog and don't let the police waste their time on the easy options until all serious crime is cut by at least half.
Stuart Pearce was as hard as nails but look at him now - he was like a lap dog, sitting there next to Fabio Capello on the England bench.