lap robe

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lap robe

A blanket or fur piece for covering the lap, legs, and feet, as of a passenger in an unheated car or carriage.

lap′ robe`

a blanket used to cover one's lap or legs, as when sitting outdoors or riding in an open vehicle.
[1865–70, Amer.]

Lap robe

A blanket used to keep one’s feet and legs warm while riding in a wagon or buggy.

lap robe

n (US) → Reisedecke f
References in classic literature ?
he asked, as he tucked the old lap robe cosily over their feet.
He tucked the lap robe round us, too," continued Emma Jane, in an ecstasy of reminiscence.
When the group decided to make adult bibs, wheelchair caddies, and lap robes for nursing home and assisted-living residents, they supplied enough for all the patients in the Thomasville, Jackson, and Camden facilities.
A wide variety of craft activities and groups is also available, including the "knit and stitch'' club, which has donated 500 handmade items, including lap robes and caps.
Our knitters then used their needles and implements of love and compassion to make lap robes for hospitalized veterans at the VA hospital in Riviera Beach.
She distributes wheelchair bags and lap robes to patients at the Manor Care Nursing Home and participates in Project Hand Up, which is an annual stand down for homeless veterans.
Many of the patriotic lap robes are given to amputees in hospitals.
The growing demand for floor coverings, and buggy and sleigh lap robes in the Eastern United States and Western Europe, along with the demand for leather machine belts in the emerging industrial revolution, put great pressure on the herds.
WHAT: Snuggle under antique lap robes as you skim along beneath the stars, anticipating the heated tent camp where a hearty dinner and cowboy entertainment await.
Members make lap robes and treats for patients, as well as write letters for those who aren't able.
The Sweet Hereafter is full of polished wood floorboards, rumpled sheets, car windshields rippled by water, sweaters and lap robes, bales of hay, blankets of snow, crusts of ice.
They make lap robes for nursing home inmates and quilts for AIDS babies.