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1. A decorative flap or loose fold on a garment or headdress.
2. A flaplike structure, such as the wattle of a bird or the lobe of the ear.


1. (Clothing & Fashion) a small hanging flap or piece of lace, etc, such as one dangling from a headdress
2. (Zoology) zoology a lobelike hanging structure, such as the wattle on a bird's head
[C16: from lap1 + -et]
ˈlappeted adj


(ˈlæp ɪt)

1. a small lap, flap, or loosely hanging part, esp. of a garment or headdress. See illus. at miter.
2. a wattle or other fleshy process on a bird's head.
[1565–75; lap1 + -et]
lap′pet•ed, adj.
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Noun1.lappet - a fleshy wrinkled and often brightly colored fold of skin hanging from the neck or throat of certain birds (chickens and turkeys) or lizardslappet - a fleshy wrinkled and often brightly colored fold of skin hanging from the neck or throat of certain birds (chickens and turkeys) or lizards
caruncle, caruncula - an outgrowth on a plant or animal such as a fowl's wattle or a protuberance near the hilum of certain seeds
2.lappet - a small lap on a garment or headdress
overlap, lap - a flap that lies over another part; "the lap of the shingles should be at least ten inches"
3.lappet - medium-sized hairy mothslappet - medium-sized hairy moths; larvae are lappet caterpillars
lasiocampid, lasiocampid moth - medium-sized stout-bodied neutral-colored moths with comb-like antennae
References in classic literature ?
Another thing I had almost forgotten, which is that the lappets of the fur cloak must be raised, and the collar bound with lace.
The farmer having (as I suppose by their talk) received such an account of me as his servant could give him, took a piece of a small straw, about the size of a walking-staff, and therewith lifted up the lappets of my coat; which it seems he thought to be some kind of covering that nature had given me.
He seemed to apprehend my meaning; for, lifting up the lappet of his coat, he put me gently into it, and immediately ran along with me to his master, who was a substantial farmer, and the same person I had first seen in the field.
Then she set me on a table, where I showed her my hanger all bloody, and wiping it on the lappet of my coat, returned it to the scabbard.
This he buttoned tightly up, in spite of the extreme closeness of the night, and finished his attire by putting on a rabbit-skin cap with hanging lappets which covered the ears, so that no part of him was visible save his mobile and peaky face.
The particulars of Becky's costume were in the newspapers--feathers, lappets, superb diamonds, and all the rest.
Fairfax was summoned to give information respecting the resources of the house in shawls, dresses, draperies of any kind; and certain wardrobes of the third storey were ransacked, and their contents, in the shape of brocaded and hooped petticoats, satin sacques, black modes, lace lappets, &c., were brought down in armfuls by the abigails; then a selection was made, and such things as were chosen were carried to the boudoir within the drawing-room.
So Brydon, before him, took him in; with every fact of him now, in the higher light, hard and acute - his planted stillness, his vivid truth, his grizzled bent head and white masking hands, his queer actuality of evening-dress, of dangling double eye-glass, of gleaming silk lappet and white linen, of pearl button and gold watch-guard and polished shoe.
Tissue samples were taken from the edges of the bell and lappets, and were embedded in paraffin and stained with hematoxylin and eosin as well as Masson's trichrome.
Narrow unpigmented submarginal stripe along length of fin, distally pale brown lappets and margin of soft portion.
The colourful cock also has vivid scarlet-red facial skin, throat, two lappets and heavily dented fleshy crest (comb), and red or white ear patches on the sides of the head (Delacour, 1951; Animal Diversity Web, 2006; Wild Singapore, 2006).
He writes leniently: "Oklahoma fell silent, the Baltic froze/From Kafka's offices came glassy gentlemen/The narrowing lappets of your Irish coat closed around you/Your blue-eyed childlike festinator to the future, Ivar" (Talvet, Estonian Elegy 61).