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(ˈlɑːdən) or


(Cookery) a strip or cube of fat or bacon used in larding meat
[C15: from Old French, from lard]


(ˈlɑr dn)

also lar•doon


a small strip of fat used in larding meat.
[1400–50; late Middle English lardun < Middle French lardon piece of pork]
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Add the grains and lamb lardoons, then simmer for about 3-4 minutes.
ROAST TURKEY WITH GAME SUET PUDDING, CREAMED BRUSSELS SPROUTS, CHESTNUT PUREE AND CUMBERLAND SAUCE | 1 turkey breast cut into 4 | 1kg of game sausage | 1 bottle of red wine | 3 tbsp red currant jelly | 6 carrots 1/2 inch diced | 20 button mushrooms | Zest of two oranges | 200g of bacon lardoons | 1 tbsp of chopped thyme | 1 tbsp of chopped parsley | 2 cloves of garlic crushed | 20 button onions | 1 pint of veal stock | 2 tbsp of English mustard powder | 1/2 tbsp of mace | 2oz flour | 2 tbsp of salt | 1 tbsp of white pepper Fry the game mix on both sides until brown then add the bacon lardoons, button mushrooms, and garlic.
Most years, I have my favourite dishes to make with this bonanza of wild leaves, from a dazzling deep-green soup bulked with potatoes and celery to a seasonal warm salad with sizzling streaky bacon lardoons and a poached egg.
AUse lardoons of bacon in place of the pancetta for a fairly similar result.
Pan fried calves liver and mash with baby onions and bacon lardoons pounds 8.
These include succulent pork tenderloin medallions with lardoons and mushrooms, tofu Napoleon with marinara and vegetables, and wild Spanish shrimp with ginger, time, and jalapeno.