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Religion played a part in Horace's life--not the traditional religion of Rome, but recognition of the minor gods: Mercury, the god of culture, Venus, goddess of love, Bacchus, god of wine, and the household gods, the Lares and Penates. Eyres relates to this, swerving from traditional Christianity to Buddhism, which does not demand belief in any deity but seems to provide answers to anxiety in meditation and self-awareness.
Maggi analyzes familiar spirits as well, about whom the ancients talked (Lares and Penates), as, for instance, in earlier times, Socrates' demon, who is reflected in Girolamo Cardano's My Life, but is still mentioned by Jean Bodin, Johann Wier, and also by Andrea Vittorelli, author of a treaty on the guardian angels, Dei ministerii ed operazioni angeliche (1611).