large crabgrass

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Noun1.large crabgrass - a European forage grass grown for haylarge crabgrass - a European forage grass grown for hay; a naturalized weed in United States
crab grass, crabgrass, finger grass - grasses with creeping stems that root freely; a pest in lawns
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Immediately prior to weed removal, weed density and tissue from above-ground biomass of 6 corn plants and Palmer amaranth and large crabgrass from 0.25 [m.sup.-2] were collected from each plot randomly for N analysis.
For example, large crabgrass, will root into the soil where the nodes of the stem contact soil, allowing it to quickly cover open ground (Fig.
Important weeds that pose a threat to horticultural crops include dandelion, Canadian thistle, field bindweed, common lamb's-quarter, Johnsongrass, quackgrass, common cocklebur, and large crabgrass.
However, Barnes and Putnam (1987) found that barnyardgrass was less sensitive to rye hydroxamic acids DIBOA (2,4-dihydroxy1,4-benzoxazin-3-one) and BOA (benzoxazolin-2-one) compared to large crabgrass [Digitaria sanguinalis (L.) Scop.] and proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.).
Turf safety and effectiveness of dithiopyr and quinclorac for large crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis) control in spring-seeded turf.
Frequency of Drive (quinclorac) treatments on common bermudagrass tolerance on large crabgrass. J.
Tall fescue has been occasionally reported to have allelopathic effects on other species, such as birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.), red clover (Trifolium pratense L.), and large crabgrass [Digitaria sanguinalis (L.) Scop.] (Peters and Mohammed Zam, 1981; Luu et al., 1982).