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Adj.1.large-headed - having a large head
headed - having a head of a specified kind or anything that serves as a head; often used in combination; "headed bolts"; "three-headed Cerberus"; "a cool-headed fighter pilot"
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Three or four buxom girls speedily dispersed in search of the different articles in requisition, while a couple of large-headed, circular-visaged males rose from their seats in the chimney- corner (for although it was a May evening their attachment to the wood fire appeared as cordial as if it were Christmas), and dived into some obscure recesses, from which they speedily produced a bottle of blacking, and some half-dozen brushes.
There is an apparent triviality in the action with the scissors, but your discernment perceives at once that there is a design in it which makes it eminently worthy of a large-headed, long-limbed young man; for you see that Lucy wants the scissors, and is compelled, reluctant as she may be, to shake her ringlets back, raise her soft hazel eyes, smile playfully down on the face that is so very nearly on a level with her knee, and holding out her little shell-pink palm, to say,--
The name of him upon whom the spirit of prophecy thus descended was John Willet, a burly, large-headed man with a fat face, which betokened profound obstinacy and slowness of apprehension, combined with a very strong reliance upon his own merits.
It is difficult for a large-headed, small-eyed youth, of lumbering make and heavy countenance, to look dignified under any circumstances; but it is more especially so, when superadded to these personal attractions are a red nose and yellow smalls.
Mother's Day Basket [pounds sterling]26.99: Featuring cerise alstroemeria, 2 pink carnations, a pink spray chrysanthemum, 2 cerise freesia, a pink large-headed rose and a lilac September flower with salal and eucalyptus, presented in a sage wash softwood pail trimmed with a 'Happy Mother's Day' cotton ribbon.
Water the rows before moving them to their final spot, leaving 30cm between plants for compact varieties and allowing 45cm either way for large-headed varieties.
In this week's arrangement we show you that by choosing just three or four large-headed blooms you can create a stunning vase display in minutes.
Scientists found that large-headed individuals with Alzheimer's have better memory and thinking skills than sufferers with smaller heads.
Large-headed varieties produce the familiar domed heads that are composed of numerous clustered florets.
Large-headed pushbuttons are available in various sizes from a 22.5 mm mounted switch with a 32 mm diameter actuator up to a 30.5 mm mounted switch with a large 40 mm actuator.
EAO now offers an ergonomic switch design with their range of large-headed pushbuttons.
You get three varieties of Fairtrade-certified, large-headed Kenyan roses trimmed with lime green tea leaves Contact John Lewis (08456 049 049