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Having a generous disposition; sympathetic.

large′-heart′ed·ness n.
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The long-serving community doctor, who first came to Dubai in 1988, has been known for his large-heartedness as he caters to different sections of the society.
Mr Hussain urged the government to show large-heartedness and start dialogues with the political parties that were carrying out the march.
The deluge of compassion and help pouring in for the Palestinian family of three forced to seek refuge on a beach in Sharjah after the man was rendered jobless and homeless, and with an expired residence visa, is yet another example of the UAE's large-heartedness.
The government, too should demonstrate large-heartedness and remove the hurdles in the way of the talks.
Referring to Pakistan-India relations, Senator Mushahid Hussain said that the main problem in Pakistan-India relations is the fact that the Indian political elite continues to be in denial when it comes to the root causes of tensions in the region and, the bigness of India's size is unfortunately not matched by large-heartedness in its attitude and approach towards smaller neighbours and this has been amply demonstrated by yesterday's unfortunate event.
He asked them to appreciate and be grateful for the large-heartedness of the people of Bahrain who are providing every comfort for
Abo Khamseen, director and executive general manager at Kanoo Travel, acknowledged the generosity and large-heartedness of Bahrainis.
The gift was something he gave--there wasn't an ounce of self-pity in his full-on acceptance of his death, only the curiosity and large-heartedness that were so much a part of who he was.
He said the protection of the minorities' rights was among the top priorities of the government, adding that the government was striving to create an atmosphere of tolerance, accommodation and large-heartedness in the society.