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Having a generous disposition; sympathetic.

large′-heart′ed·ness n.
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President Buhari affirmed that the royal father's large-heartedness, forthrightness, and maturity had greatly ensured stability and development in his community over the years, especially his long-held passion for promoting the virtues of good education, entrepreneurship, and neighbourliness among the youths.
This shows the large-heartedness and generosity of the Emirati brothers and sisters, who welcome the expatriates with open arms and in fact harness their skills and strengths for the meteoric growth of this blessed country," said Shahdadpuri, chairman of Nikai Group.
The vice-chancellor discussed the virtues of tolerance, pure morality, knowledge, large-heartedness, and free inquiry among AMU students and staff.
He said history has yet to record a parallel example of such a generosity, and large-heartedness not only in the region but also in the entire globe.
London's large-heartedness is in marked contrast to the narrow mindedness evident in American politics marked by the rise of Donald Trump, he added.
Harkenrider made a special mention of the warmth, hospitality and large-heartedness of the people of Punjab, adding that love of food, entertainment and friendship are the qualities which connect the Punjabis and the Americans.
In Pakistan's case it was the sheer large-heartedness of the Bedouin that led him to invite the camel into his tent.
The long-serving community doctor, who first came to Dubai in 1988, has been known for his large-heartedness as he caters to different sections of the society.
To use an analogy, a Dalit whose forefathers converted to Christianity, say in the 19th century, and enjoyed all the benefits of education and higher status in the 20th century can today embrace Hinduism and claim the benefits of reservation, thanks to the large-heartedness of the Supreme Court judges.
He asked them to appreciate and be grateful for the large-heartedness of the people of Bahrain who are providing every comfort for
There is a loose large-heartedness to The Dangerous Animals Club that countervails the nitpickings of a fastidious mind.
The gift was something he gave--there wasn't an ounce of self-pity in his full-on acceptance of his death, only the curiosity and large-heartedness that were so much a part of who he was.