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Adj.1.large-leafed - having relatively large leaves
leafy - having or covered with leaves; "leafy trees"; "leafy vegetables"
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"Large-leafed plants such as Fatsia japonica and lush green ferns work really well in these schemes," Louise continues.
Habit : solitary or caespitose--(i) large palms (stem up to 35 m long, up to 40 cm in diameter); (ii) large-leafed (4 to 8 m long), stemmed (up to 15 m long, rarely more, up to 30 cm in diameter, usually 15-25 cm), or short-stemmed (up to 3-4 m long) or subacaulescent (stem up to 1 m long, entirely covered with the sheaths of dead leaves), or "acaulescent" (the palm does not produce any stem above ground; leaf sheaths and parts of petioles and peduncles are in the soil); (iii) slender to medium-sized palms (stem up to 12 m long, up to 15 cm in diameter, leaves about 2.5-3 m long); and (iv) small, short-leafed (up to 2 m long), acaulescent palms.
Use secateurs to clip large-leafed plants such as laurel to prevent the leafbrowning effect you get if you use hedge trimmers.
On the other hand, the bathroom requires calming large-leafed plants, especially those with a tropical feel such as philodendrons or palms which love humidity.