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Adj.1.large-leaved - having relatively large leaves
leafy - having or covered with leaves; "leafy trees"; "leafy vegetables"
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The large-leaved rhubarb and cabbage plants slept too, their broad limp surfaces hanging in the sun like half-closed umbrellas.
The lacy foliage of toothed wood fern, botanically named Dryopteris spinulosa, mixes well with large-leaved perennials.
What to see during autumn and winter: Rough Hill Wood has a colourful woodland canopy due to the mix of tree species including oak, birch, rowan, aspen and small-leaved and large-leaved lime.
| Foliage details Dissectum - finely cut; hirsuta - hairy; macrophylla - large-leaved; nitida - shining; lactifolia - broadleaved; palmatum - palm-like; sempervirens - evergreen.
This study investigated the biological characteristics of large-leaved gentian seeds and the effects of germination temperature, illumination, pretreatment, storage temperature and time on the seed germination by calculating the seed germination rate.
Washingtonia robusta has the most wonderful fan-shaped leaves and a tall thin trunk, perfect among large-leaved foliage for good contrast.
Large-leaved evergreen hedging plants are best for filtering noise and dust while providing food and shelter for wildlife.
A large-leaved variegated hedera growing against a wall or fence would make the perfect backdrop," says McIndoe.
The most successful sowing in the trial was the earliest sowing of the large-leaved Red Giant, as later sowings suffered from flea beetle damage.
It is important to realize that plants, including those growing from bulbs like amaryllis and cyclamen, usually need less frequent watering than large-leaved plants like philodendrons.