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 (lär-gĕt′ō) Music
adv. & adj.
In a slow tempo, usually slightly faster than largo but slower than adagio. Used chiefly as a direction.
n. pl. lar·ghet·tos
A larghetto passage or movement.

[Italian, diminutive of largo, largo; see largo.]


(lɑːˈɡɛtəʊ) music
adj, adv
(Classical Music) to be performed moderately slowly
n, pl -tos
(Classical Music) a piece or passage to be performed in this way
[Italian: diminutive of largo]


(lɑrˈgɛt oʊ)

adj., adv., n., pl. -ghet•tos. Music. adj., adv.
1. somewhat slow; not so slow as largo, but usu. slower than andante.
2. a larghetto movement.
[1715–25; < Italian, diminutive of largo largo]
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Noun1.larghetto - (music) a composition or passage played in a slow tempo slightly faster than largo but slower than adagio
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
musical composition, opus, piece of music, composition, piece - a musical work that has been created; "the composition is written in four movements"
Adj.1.larghetto - (of tempo) less slow and broad than largo
slow - at a slow tempo; "the band played a slow waltz"
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When he last sees them they lie on their deathbed next to a stack of records on that same phonograph, including "Purcell's Trumpet Voluntary, the Haydn cello concerto, part of the Pastoral Symphony," "the lament for Eurydice from Gluck's Orfeo," "the larghetto from the B-flat major piano concerto of Mozart--the last he wrote," and on top of the pile the music Stingo conjectures was the last Sophie and Nathan heard: Bach's Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (508).
King Kong," larghetto, parodies Hollywood's 2005 remake of the film of the same title.
After a brief Largo, the opening Allegro is cheerful and bouncy enough; that is followed by two middle movements of mediocre quality, a Larghetto and a Minuetto; concluding with the best segment, the Allegro assai, which finally injects a little life into the piece.
This meant the larghetto lacked contrast and that lively last movement failed to regenerate, my interest.
The Larghetto showed the orchestra at its best with well controlled mood building passages, which reflect Elgar's feelings at the death of Edward VII.
Larghetto provided Durcan with his 47th victory of the season, while Supple was also successful on Mallooh.
The Mozart is played with a relaxed delicacy: the larghetto movement taking almost one minute longer than many other recordings.
The relaxed bonhomie of the finale was tossed off with just the right delicate vivacity, yet it was in the central Larghetto that the performance really shone.
Mozart dont la celebre [beaucoup moins que] Don Giovanni [beaucoup plus grand que], [beaucoup moins que] Larghetto du concert pour piano et orchestre a cordes [beaucoup plus grand que] de Paul Angerer, [beaucoup moins que] La veuve joyeuse [beaucoup plus grand que] et Duo Hanna et Danilo [beaucoup moins que] Lippen Schweigen [beaucoup plus grand que] de F.
1), and the "operatic" Larghetto of the Sonata in B-flat Major, R.
In Mozart's piano concerto No 27, for example, the central movement's sublime melody was wonderfully shaped without resorting to prettification or excessive rubato and was never slowed down from its specified larghetto.
However, the Larghetto section of No 1 seemed slightly laboured and less expressive than other movements of the piece.