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lark 1

1. Any of various birds of the family Alaudidae, found almost worldwide and having a melodious song, especially the skylark.
2. Any of several similar birds, such as the meadowlark.

[Middle English laveroc, larke, from Old English lāwerce.]

lark 2

1. A carefree or spirited adventure.
2. A harmless prank.
intr.v. larked, lark·ing, larks
To engage in spirited fun or merry pranks.

[Short for skylark, to frolic, or alteration of dialectal lake, play (from Middle English leik, laik, from Old Norse leikr).]

lark′er n.
lark′ish adj.
lark′y adj.
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Average variance extracted (AVE) values were used to determine whether or not convergence validity and discrimination validity were verified (Fornell & Larker, 1981).
Larker, Richardson, and Tuna (2007) found no evidence of a link between directors' age and financial performance measured by return on assets (ROA) or future stock returns.
In determining discriminant validity, the squared correlation between two constructs must be less than either of their individual AVEs (Fornell and Larker, 1981).
Get West London photographer Grahame Larker took stunning photos from Harmondsworth, near Heathrow Airport, and captured the formation while looking towards the direction of London.
Table 1: Discriminant Validity (Fornell and Larker) Construct ALT KGIV KREC KSE REC REP TRU ALT 0.782 KGIV 0.113 0.718 KREC 0.268 0.405 0.766 KSE 0.427 0.525 0.360 0.747 REC 0.032 0.262 0.080 0.185 0.804 REP 0.342 0.373 0.416 0.534 0.374 0.729 TRU 0.320 0.480 0.175 0.663 0.277 0.504 0.734 Note: Diagonals (in bold) represent the square root of average variance extracted (AVE) while the off diagonals represent the construct correlations.
De acordo com Ringle, Silva e Bido (2014), deve-se usar o criterio de Fornell e Larker (Henseler et al., 2009), cujo valores de referencia da AVE devem ser iguais ou superiores a 0,50 (AVE's > 0,50).
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Para evaluar la validez convergente, Fornell & Larker (1981) sugieren el uso de la varianza media extraida (AVE).
A consistencia interna do instrumento foi avaliada pelo alfa de Cronbach (MESSICKS, 1995) e pela fiabilidade composita (FORNELL; LARKER, 1981).