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lark 1

1. Any of various birds of the family Alaudidae, found almost worldwide and having a melodious song, especially the skylark.
2. Any of several similar birds, such as the meadowlark.

[Middle English laveroc, larke, from Old English lāwerce.]

lark 2

1. A carefree or spirited adventure.
2. A harmless prank.
intr.v. larked, lark·ing, larks
To engage in spirited fun or merry pranks.

[Short for skylark, to frolic, or alteration of dialectal lake, play (from Middle English leik, laik, from Old Norse leikr).]

lark′er n.
lark′ish adj.
lark′y adj.
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adj, larkier or larkiest
frolicsome or mischievous
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[ˈlɑːkɪ] ADJguasón, bromista
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Still, it took numerous goes at the opening number (which Van Laast rechoreographed four times), and a change in tone during previews to something a bit larkier, before "Mamma Mia!" achieved a guileless abandon which has characterized the musical ever since.
[3] At a slight remove there need, also, to be included the California of Richard Brautigan (he took his own life in Bolinas, California) and the Oregon of Ken Kesey who, in fiction like A Confederate General from Big Sur (1964) and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1977), give a larkier, satiric-experimental flavor to Beat life.
One consistent element is soundtracking of some excellent indierock songs by Asian-American-led bands; their propulsive energy suggests the larkier, more enjoyable youth pic "Yellow" might have been if its ambitions had been kept manageable.