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lark 1

1. Any of various birds of the family Alaudidae, found almost worldwide and having a melodious song, especially the skylark.
2. Any of several similar birds, such as the meadowlark.

[Middle English laveroc, larke, from Old English lāwerce.]

lark 2

1. A carefree or spirited adventure.
2. A harmless prank.
intr.v. larked, lark·ing, larks
To engage in spirited fun or merry pranks.

[Short for skylark, to frolic, or alteration of dialectal lake, play (from Middle English leik, laik, from Old Norse leikr).]

lark′er n.
lark′ish adj.
lark′y adj.
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adj, larkier or larkiest
frolicsome or mischievous
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[ˈlɑːkɪ] ADJguasón, bromista
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"A larky sort of a boy says that, Mum, and we skip the parts where they describe what they saw in the different countries," cried Will.
The movie is scary, to be sure, but it's also larky good fun.
Unlike his ambitious, goal-oriented brother, Augie's demeanor is lighthearted and larky. In passive "opposition" to society's expectations, he spends his life drifting without purpose from one adventure to another and from one romantic relationship to another, without commitments.
Something this larky should be swifter and more compact; instead, "Ruben Brandt, Collector" feels like a sneakily pretentious pastiche, and not much else.
Wells is survived by her husband, Brian Larky, and her daughter, Tatiana.
Alice used to say she'd led a larky life, meaning that owing to her economic circumstances she'd been able to devote her life to pleasure.
[16.] Lalwani AK, Larky JB, Kwast K, Kwast K, Schindler RA.
The larky humour and hard-hitting violence is winningly played with a straight face throughout.
I'm slightly less intellectual and more larky than a lot of people might imagine.
For our part, however, we found some of the movie's magical conceits so diverting and disarming that we decided to just go along for the larky ride.
I was therefore a little sad that such a well-bred larky bloke, who could discuss his favourite British sitcoms with me and swap anecdotes, has been catapulted into the murky field of Pakistani politics to head a party whose popularity has been recently flagging.