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n. Archaic
1. A sound warning of danger.
2. A commotion.

[Middle English larum- (as in larumbelle, bell sounded for a call to arms), short for alarum; see alarum.]


an archaic word for alarm
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Jules Larum It won't change, if the developer can charge twice as much for each property in Lindley than other areas, they are going to continue doing it, they aren't bothered about schools, traffic or anything, just how much they can make.
Technicians Ryan Larum, Stacy Van Morter, and Matthew Weicker assisted on cruises and with video review.
xhtml; Vin Nardizzi, 'The Wooden Matter of Human Bodies: Prosthesis and Stump in A Larum for London', The Indistinct Human in Renaissance Literature, ed.
Por su parte, Fagel reviso el debate en torno a la responsabilidad del Saco de Amberes (1576) en las dos obras que Ann Mackenzie ha comparado con anterioridad: El Saco de Amberes (Rojas Zorrilla) y la anonima A Larum for London.
They certainly focus on Tyndale's translation of the Bible into English, with notices that "the papists read the lives, stories, and gifts of men in the Bible as things no more pertaining unto them, then a tale of Robin Hood" (1573), and earlier emphases on the Pope's efforts to sell the people "a tale of Robin Hood" along with "pelting pardons" and "stinking Bulles of lead," which are interlarded with random references to the classical figures of Nero, Phallaris, Diocletian, Jupiter, and the Turks (John Phillips, A Friendly Larum against Papists, 1570).
Joanna Larum, 58, of Stokesley, had always wanted to become a writer but it wasn't until she underwent open heart surgery last year to replace two heart valves that she decided to pursue her dreams further.
The dramatists include William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson and Christopher Marlowe and some less widely known figures and plays such as the anonymous A Larum for London and George Gascoigne's The Glasse of Government.
Este dios, el mas popular venerado en las provincias de Dacia y Panonia, era el protector de la familia, la casa y el jardin lo que, en ocasiones, le llevo a ser relacionado directamente con los Lares en la forma Siluanus Larum, a ser venerado como protector de la propiedad privada tomando como apelativo Casanicus o, incluso, el nombre del propietario (95).
Worth a listen Johnny Flynn - Been Listening VERDICT: Flynn emerged as the poster boy of nu-folk in 2008 with his debut Larum.