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Shimmering pink light glowed in the waters of Saanich Inlet on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, in July 1968, thanks to the "bloom" of a little-known but common marine animal Oikopleura dioica, a species of larvacean.
Brachyury (T) expression in embryos of a larvacean urochordate, Oikopleura dioica, and the ancestral role of T.
Predator-prey interactions between the larvacean Oikopleura dioica and bacterio-plankton in enclosed water columns.
For instance, smaller size chum salmon strongly avoided larvacean prey, whereas larger chum (>75 mm) showed roughly neutral or positive selectivity.
and the larvacean Fritillaria borealis (Lohmann 1896) represented 60-80% of the zooplankton by number, based on samples from bongo nets.
3]) (1) fish shrimp Area larva larvacean mysid larvae Chiniak Bay t 4 2 4 Ugak Bay t 3 1 t Kiliuda Bay t 17 4 3 Shelf t 15 t 2 total no.
Larvacean abundance and percentage abundance in either season, and the abundance and percentage abundance of cyphonautes in autumn, did not differ between depths.
Production of tropical larvaceans in Kingston Harbour, Jamaica: are we ignoring an important secondary producer?
Also imaged were a variety of invertebrate plankters, ranging from copepods and larvaceans to ctenophores and medusae to invertebrate larval types, such as echinoderm pluteus.
Many groups of organisms including cnidarians, ctenophores, radiolarians, shrimp, ostracods, squid, chaetognaths, ophiuroids, larvaceans, and deep-sea fishes produce light by oxidizing coelenterazine, although each organism makes its own luciferase to catalyze the reaction (Shimomura, 2006; Haddock et al.