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n. pl. lar·yn·gec·to·mies
Surgical removal of part or all of the larynx.


(Surgery) surgical removal of all or part of the larynx


(ˌlær ənˈdʒɛk tə mi)

n., pl. -mies.
surgical excision of part or all of the larynx.


Surgery to remove the larynx.
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Noun1.laryngectomy - surgical removal of part or all of the larynx (usually to treat cancer of the larynx)
ablation, cutting out, extirpation, excision - surgical removal of a body part or tissue


n. laringectomía, extirpación de la laringe.


n (pl -mies) laringectomía
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There have been only 10 reported cases of various foreign bodies aspirated through the stoma in laryngectomy patients (2-11).
Meanwhile, a large group of patients get to preserve their voice box by avoiding laryngectomy," Worden says.
Atos Medical is a leading provider of products for the rehabilitation of the voice and pulmonary functions after laryngectomy, and products for the treatment of ear and sinus diseases.
He stayed in touch with the surgeon who carried out his laryngectomy - Tom Watkinson - and got involved with the GetA-Head organisation, which researches diseases of the head and neck.
The surgical team recommended that such transplants be considered for patients who have suffered voice-robbing laryngeal trauma, those with large benign tumors who require removal of their larynx, and cancer patients who have undergone laryngectomy and remain disease-free after 5 years.
The Wall Street Journal unblushingly printed hypnotizee; a football game telecast acquainted me with enshrinee (in a hall of fame); in a Boston Globe obituary survivors of the surgical procedure known as a laryngectomy were dubbed laryngectomees; and now that body piercing is becoming ordinary, cutting is carving a new niche via cutter and unspeakably cute cuttee.
Three years later after his return to the United Kingdom, he was suffering from throat cancer and underwent a laryngectomy.
However, problems like spasmodic dysphonia, which produces a severely strained, strangled-sounding voice, and laryngectomy (surgical removal of the voice box), which requires patients to have a new source of sound for voice, are disruptive to all aspects of living (cf.
The button resulted from a laryngectomy because of cancer of the larynx.