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n.1.(Surg.) The operation of cutting into the thyroid cartilage.
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(5) Open partial laryngeal surgery (laryngofissure cordectomy, vertical partial laryngectomy, supracricoid laryngectomy) is less frequently used owing to the availability of TLM.
Laryngofissure cordectomy, transoral laser surgery and external beam radiotherapy are the treatment modalities of early glottic laryngeal cancers.
Therefore, they performed a laryngofissure procedure, and it was successful.
Endoscopic removal, thyrotomy, laryngofissure, are partial laryngectomy are laryngeal function-sparing techniques that can achieve wide excision of the tumor along with a sufficient margin of uninvolved cartilage [30].
Multi-stage methods like laryngofissure and stiffening operations with rib or cartilage substitutes rightfully belong to the past.
Laryngofissure approach for bilateral abductor paralysis.
Several approaches to excising a schwannoma are available, including direct laryngoscopy with conventional instruments or a C[O.sub.2] laser, the transhyoid approach, the laryngofissure approach, and the lateral pharyngotomy approach.
Treatment techniques include endoscopic removal, microlaryngoscopy with laser excision, and open resection via a transcervical, lateral thyrotomy, or laryngofissure approach.
Depending on site and size of tumor, three types of external approaches are used like Laryngofissure, lateral pharyngotomy and sub-hyoid pharyngotomy.
The larynx was entered via a laryngofissure approach.
Injuries requiring operative intervention have historically been repaired via open approaches such as thyrotomy and laryngofissure. These approaches carry significant long-term sequelae that can compromise the airway, deglutition, and voice.