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So, the mucosa of the laryngopharynx was anaesthetised with local spray and the endotracheal tube was introduced by lifting the thyroid cartilage via the open neck wound.
Second, gastroenterologists have been paying attention to identification of benign and malignant lesions in the laryngopharynx and upper esophagus in dysphagic patients.
Further, similar to previous studies, the membranous cuff of the Baska mask[R] adapting to the patients' laryngopharynx, inflating during each breath and providing superior seal over time was observed in our study (11).
Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) was coined by James [1] in the year 1991 and is described as the backflow of gastric contents into the laryngopharynx, whereby acid comes in contact with laryngopharyngeal pharynx leading to its irritation.
ALT rarely presents in the laryngopharynx. (1-3) In 2009, Davis et al reviewed all head and neck sarcomas at the University of Texas M.D.
Other pharyngeal regions including the nasopharynx and laryngopharynx would be more appropriately discussed under respiratory cancers.
[11] obstruction due to a bolus of fecal material impacted within the laryngopharynx A case of coprophagia Disoriented, Tomography scan of presenting with incontinent brain: generalized sialadenitis.
Certain affects, such as inner amusement or pathos, can help motivate the lower, more open laryngopharynx without recruiting tongue depression.
[25] have shown that the truncations of subglottis, the supraglottis, and the laryngopharynx generate different flow structures with the original complete model.
Endoscopically there was no abnormality in the esophagus or the laryngopharynx. EUS using a linear-array echoendoscope (PENTAX EG-3870UTK) revealed two well-defined hypoechoic lesions with similar echotexture firstly in the mediastinum posterior to the left main stem bronchus and secondly in the pancreatic body.
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