laser disc

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laser disc

or laser disk
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op′tical disc′

1. Also called laser disc. a grooveless disk on which digital data, as text, music, or pictures, are stored as tiny pits in the surface and read or replayed by a laser beam scanning the surface.
Compare compact disc.
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In a systematic review of percutaneous lumbar laser disc decompression that evaluated 33 publications, none of which were controlled, Manchikanti and coworkers concluded that based on USPSTF criteria, the indicated level of evidence for percutaneous lumbar laser disc decompression was II-2 for short-term and long-term relief.
Laser disc modules were produced from 1990 to 1997, but the tools to code them changed twice in that short period, and by 1996 production was ramping up for developing CDs.
(If the customers on a recent weekday were any indication, however, the main consumers of Hello Kitty are females who haven't seen the inside of a grade school in some years.) Songs are no longer played via laser disc, practically medieval technology here--but delivered within seconds from a remote host computer via broadband.
Casper, who earlier performed approximately 2,000 laser disc decompression procedures and 500 endoscopic laser disc decompression procedures, has performed approximately 200 endoscopic laser foraminoplasty procedures with Trimedyne's Holmium lasers and proprietary side-firing laser needles.
I have the laser disc version but lack the 5.1 adapter for my laser disc player.
Since its founding in 1938 as an audio manufacturer, Pioneer has been known for its visionary products, such as laser disc players and car navigation systems.
The laser, once a lethal weapon only seen in science fiction, is now being implemented everywhere from laser disc players to fabric mills.
Also found are the standard video and audio in and out jacks for VCRs and Cable TV, along with S-Video and S-Audio ins and outs for DVD or laser disc.
The artroom at that particular site would be well equipped with a Power Macintosh Computer, CD-ROM, color printer, scanner, video Laser Disc player, and a library of art-related software and Laser Discs for teacher preview and checkout.
[ix]) that include opera singers and that have been released on VHS, laser disc, or DVD, or distributed in the United States as motion pictures.
Foley Artist is Dean's most complex film so far - a tongue-in-cheek try at making, in a distanced, Nabokovian way, something like a conventional narrative movie, and not quite a movie at all, since the work, shot in 16 mm, is shown in the form of a video laser disc as the central element in a rather theatrically staged installation.

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