laser disk

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laser disc

or laser disk
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Percutaneous laser disk decompression: a review of the literature.
With an improved methacrylic resin and precision molding technology in the laser disk and opto-screen businesses, Kuraray will produce lenses realizing a high degree of precision and light-concentrating efficiency, and has achieved 31% of the most efficient photovoltaic modules, even with conventional solar power generation technology.
In many cases documents are converted into COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) images, which could include imbedded PDFs, he says.
-- Powerful, easy to use API, with the ability to accelerate and off-load host application code, as well as comprehensive universal optical disc (UOD) software stack supporting legacy & advanced blue laser disk profiles.
Documentum ApplicationXtender 5.2 integrates EMC Documentum Records Manager (a Department of Defense 5015.2 certified records management and administration product), as well as a new, Web-based workflow client and new integration tools to its existing suite of document imaging, document management, computer output to laser disk (COLD) report management and workflow services.
* optical laser disk -- write once, read many (WORM)
in Indianapolis sells a product from Optika called Acorde that permits image scanning and computer output to laser disk (COLD) and work flow.
Hitachi will contribute microchip, laser disk and mobile communications equipment technologies to HCX, Clarion will provide its know-how in car audio equipment installation, product planning and mass production and Xanavi will supply its car navigation system technologies and product planning capabilities.
Digital documents created in-house or by supply chain partners are collected using DocMaster COLD (Computer Output on Laser Disk), while manually produced forms, delivery notes, graphics, pictures, engineering drawings or microfiche archives can be input by scanning documents as raster images.
Some of the ways evidence can be shown to jurors include computer screens; visual presenters; laser disk players; and LCD video, slide, or overhead projectors.
TeleWatch transmits color images at resolution superior to standard industrial video cameras and similar to that of a laser disk or digital video disk (DVD).

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