laser disk

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laser disc

or laser disk
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2 certified records management and administration product), as well as a new, Web-based workflow client and new integration tools to its existing suite of document imaging, document management, computer output to laser disk (COLD) report management and workflow services.
The movie industry, including Fox Studios, a Metters' client, also is applying the technology to preserve vintage movies, transferring them from eroding nitrate film to newer, more durable film stock, CD-ROM and laser disk.
You can go to the movie theater now, or wait until the film comes to the small screen at home, whether in the form of laser disk, video cassette or home cable.
His experience in the sales profession included overseeing the document imaging and Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) applications that were sold to the financial services industry.
Frank's technology management career spans 26 years and her reputation and efforts in the early stages Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) and Content Management industry resulted in an impressive capture of market share and exposure for the market as a whole.
In addition to creating and developing new programs for video and DVD, we are aggressively examining the possibility of manufacturing and marketing our own line high quality media packaging which includes molded packaging for audio, video, software, CD, DVD, and laser disk technologies," added Lu.

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