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also lith·o·trip·tor  (lĭth′ə-trĭp′tər)
A device that pulverizes kidney stones and gallstones by passing shock waves through a water-filled tub in which the patient sits.

[Alteration of obsolete lithotriptor, lithontriptor, from lithontriptic, breaking up kidney stones, from New Latin lithontripticus, alteration (influenced by Greek trībein, trīp-, to rub, pound) of lithonthrypticus, from Greek (pharmaka tōn en nephrōis) lithōn thruptika, (drugs) crushing stones (in the kidneys) : lithōn, genitive pl. of lithos, stone + thruptika, neuter pl. of thruptikos, crushing (from thruptein, to crush; see dhreu- in Indo-European roots).]


(ˈlɪθəˌtrɪptə) or


(Medicine) a machine that pulverizes kidney stones by ultrasound as an alternative to their surgical removal


(ˈlɪθ əˌtrɪp tər)

a device that employs ultrasound to pulverize stones in the body.
lith`o•trip′tic, adj.


n (Med) → Lithotripter m


, lithotripter
n. litotriturador, aparato o mecanismo para triturar cálculos;
extracorporal shock wave ______ extracorporal con ondas de choque.
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Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy by High-power Ho: YAG Laser Lithotripter for Complex Renal Calculi.
This may be due in part to the flexibility operators currently adjusting holmium laser lithotripter parameters: pulse energy, pulse width, and pulse frequency.
The disintegration of calculi deposits was performed with the use of a pneumatic lithotripter or a holmium laser lithotripter. The laser parameters were adjusted based on the degree of the deposits' hardness.
The limitation of our study is small sample size but as we installed the laser lithotripter in our institute just six months back we will follow our study in this regard with a longer duration and sample size.

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