lash back

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w>lash back

vt sepfestbinden
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At times, she felt she needed to lash back at people who would threaten to ruin her family.
On a different note, Future bloc did not fail to lash back at Hezbollah's Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's last interview in the memory of July war, rebuffing the accusations he lobbed.
This prompted the series co-creator lash back with not-so-subtle remarks on Sheen's lifestyle during the show's end credit in one episode.
Such extremist groups are often not satisfied and lash back to attack their funders.
According to reports, the Corps Commander Called on CM Punjab at his Model Town residence and security situation affairs in the back drop of possible lash back of NWA offensive was discussed in length.
The MQM leaders warned the "plain clothed" officials to stop illegal abduction and killings otherwise they would be compelled to lash back.
But the First Minister - and other senior Labour figures - are riled enough to lash back today.