lash together

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Verb1.lash together - bind together with a cord or rope; "Lash together these barrels!"
tie, bind - fasten or secure with a rope, string, or cord; "They tied their victim to the chair"
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In his memoir, Zippy and Men, Le Drew claimed the heavy-drinking cast were fond of going out on the lash together and playing saucy pranks onset.
But Imran has an additional problem: he's had to lash together a cabinet of Johnny-come-lately electables and PTI originals, with few big posts for the originals and significant questions of loyalty and competence of the electables.
But the bold, stimulating, sometimes even shocking staging-plus the capable cast that director Estrella has managed to lash together into a throbbing whole-fully gives justice to the complexities of Ibsen's play.
The ship is damaged beyond repair, so the astronauts lash together a mini spaceship with a gravity generator.
"It was the first time in four years they've all been on the lash together although, of course, most of them don't actually drink any more.