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 (lăs′ō, lă-so͞o′)
n. pl. las·sos or las·soes
A long rope with a running noose at one end, used especially to catch horses and cattle. Also called lariat.
tr.v. las·soed, las·so·ing, las·sos or las·soes
To catch, tie, or attach with or as if with a lasso.

[Spanish lazo, from Vulgar Latin *laceum, noose; see lace.]

las′so·er n.
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the act of catching with or as if with a lasso
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He said: "I had seen cowboys in films lassoing horses so I made a lasso and threw it at the mare's neck.
A recent study looked retrospectively at four different tick detachment techniques: using tweezers, lassoing, card detachment, and freezing.
To the general audience, Wonder Woman is considered unique because she was the first female superhero, but Wonder Woman Psychology: Lassoing the Truth will leave readers with a new level of respect for this progressive comic book hero.
Be glad, too, that Mark Woods won a year's sabbatical from his newspaper job to visit 15 national parks, a journey he shares in Lassoing the Sun.