last out

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last out

vb (adverb)
1. (intr) to be sufficient for one's needs: how long will our supplies last out?.
2. (tr) to endure or survive: some old people don't last out the winter.
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Verb1.last out - hang on during a trial of endurance; "ride out the storm"
outstay - surpass in staying power; "They outstayed their competitors"
يبقى حيّا، يعيش
klare sigklare sig igennem
dayanmakgitmekyeterli olmak

w>last out

vt sepausreichen für; (people) → durchhalten
vi (money, resources)ausreichen; (person)durchhalten


(laːst) verb
1. to continue to exist. This situation lasted until she got married; I hope this fine weather lasts.
2. to remain in good condition or supply. This carpet has lasted well; The bread won't last another two days – we'll need more; This coat will last me until I die.
ˈlasting adjective
A good education is a lasting benefit
last out
to be or have enough to survive or continue to exist (until the end of). I hope the petrol lasts out until we reach a garage; They could only last out another week on the little food they had; The sick man was not expected to last out the night.
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The bullpen should be fine because we have depth and versatility, and guys who can get the last outs in the ninth inning,'' Scioscia said.