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or last·born (lăst′bôrn′)
Last in order of birth; youngest.
One that is born last, as a youngest child.


or last-born

(ˈlæstˌbɔrn, ˈlɑst-)
a child who is born last in a family; youngest child.
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span xml:lang="EN-GBBeing pienga meant being perceived as the lastborn a pushover a slave for every other senior student.
The ageing baby daddy, who is Oyoo's father (Akothee's lastborn child), spoilt them with gifts on Christmas Day.
In contrast, parents were much more generous with their lastborn sons, who were offered the choice of going to school, working, or not working (Khanam 2008).
Also of interest is the possible connection between birth order and family ostracism that has found middleborn children more likely targets of rejection due to perceived disfavoritism over firstborns or lastborn siblings (Sulloway, 1996).
They found that firstborn males and lastborn females had less irrational thinking than lastborn males and firstborn females did.
They may simultaneously reflect some firstborn traits and some lastborn traits.
Our findings tend to favor boys and suggest that it is possible that only children and lastborn children in large families are less competent in arithmetic than first born children.
Women's contraceptive actions: It became apparent that a very large number of women were using Western contraceptives past the point of weaning the last child: fully forty-eight percent of all Western contraceptive users whose lastborn child was alive.
Thus, we anticipated that being a firstborn or lastborn child would be related to more affiliative intergenerational relationships due to less competition for the parents' time.
He and Lydia are certain to end up together because of their matepoaching and anti-social styles, and Georgiana Darcy, another lastborn, is vulnerable to him, too.
Smokers, vegans, drag queens, mimes, the firstborn, the lastborn, the adopted or the cloned?