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Continuing or remaining for a long time; enduring: a lasting peace.

last′ing·ly adv.
last′ing·ness n.
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Adv.1.lastingly - in an enduring or permanent manner
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The weather was not tempting enough to draw the two others from their pencil and their book, in spite of Marianne's declaration that the day would be lastingly fair, and that every threatening cloud would be drawn off from their hills; and the two girls set off together.
'The Poems of Two Friends' became instantly and lastingly unknown to fame; the West waited, as it always does, to hear what the East should say; the East said nothing, and two-thirds of the small edition of five hundred came back upon the publisher's hands.
Were she, for a single moment, to deem thee dead, or lost, or lastingly divided from her, thou wouldst be wofully conscious of a change in thy true wife forever after.
He must accumu- late information of himself, and meanwhile he re- solved to remain close upon his guard lest those qualities of which he knew nothing should ever- lastingly disgrace him.
It's enough to look at the red hands hanging at the end of those short arms, at those slow, prom- inent brown eyes, to know the inertness of her mind --an inertness that one would think made it ever- lastingly safe from all the surprises of imagina- tion.
The medication "lastingly affects white matter development of boys with ADHD, and this is probably because the brain is still developing, since we did not observe these changes in the men with ADHD with matured brains we studied," said study author Dr.
A singular delight to simply browse through one memorable and inspiring page at a time, "Artifact: The Art and Gardens of Jeff Mendoza" will prove to be an immediate and lastingly popular addition to personal, professional, community, and community library Gardening & Landscaping collections.
Cardinal Nichols wrote: "In particular, and in a personal way, I want to apologise to you that the response you received from my representatives when you approached Birmingham Archdiocese in March, 2002, was inadequate and not lastingly helpful.
Topix and Nikkei lost -0.40% and -0.50% respectively and while mainland China bourses tried to move higher after the break, rumoured purchases of state backed players didn't manage to lift indices lastingly and the CSI closed with a loss of -0.64% after Chinese officials suggested the national doesn't want a trade war, but isn't afraid of one.
Thanks to organometallic substances with ionising effect, antimicrobial powdered enamels are not only lastingly effective against bacteria, but rather against viruses, fungi and algae as well.
And the company from Affalterbach has lastingly underpinned its high development capabilities with the two in-house designed sports cars, the SLS AMG and the AMG GT (Fuel consumption, combined: 11.4 9.
By successfully and lastingly challenging the pillars of the old regime, the American Revolution, as Israel argues, created the modern democratic world.