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1. A culture-specific disorder in which the startle response causes abnormal behaviors such as mimicry and obeying all commands. It is seen primarily in Malaysia and Indonesia.
2. An individual who exhibits this response.

[Malay, perhaps from Sanskrit laṭaḥ, one who speaks like a fool.]
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(Psychology) a psychological condition, observed esp in Malaysian cultures, in which an individual, after experiencing a shock, becomes anxious and suggestible, often imitating the actions of another person
[C19: from Malay]
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He also managed Governor Otter's first statewide campaign in 1978.<br />The governor's office said in a prepared statement that Stegner was instrumental in starting the Latah County Drug Court in January 2002 "because I was frustrated with the lack of options available to me as a sentencing judge when dealing with individuals addicted to controlled substances." In addition, he has presided over the Latah County Mental Health Court since starting it in July 2012 "because I was also frustrated by the way the mentally ill were dealt with in the criminal justice system."<br />As a district judge, Stegner received the Idaho State Bar Distinguished Jurist Award in 2017, the Sheldon A.
of Spokane Valley, Washington Amount: $1,436,120 Project: Four Mile Creek Bridge, Latah County, Idaho Owner: Idaho Department of Transportation Cost estimate: $500,000 $1,000,000 Project team: not available 5.
C.A Fonseka the popular Radio dramatist who introduced many a artists like Rukmani Devi, Susil and Fredy Silva to Kala Lokaya was a very close family friend of Latah's family.
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I-Minerals, Bovill Kaolin Project located in western Latah County, Idaho is now producing Fortispar, a potassium based feldspar suitable for use in clay bodies and glaze formulas.
The webinar with also feature Lynn Gray, CEO of the $42 million Remington Federal Credit Union in Ilion, N.Y., and Lowell Stevens, CEO of the $76 million Latah Federal Credit Union in Moscow, Id.
Caused by the known Cheney fault zone and a second, previously unrecognized zone of faults and fractures, and combined with the Latah Creek fault, the USGS calls this hotspot a "complex alignment of magnetic anomalies."
Because of these traits, Malays and other native races were thought to be less susceptible than Europeans to illnesses such as depression and melancholia, but more susceptible to typical 'Malay' syndromes such as latah or amok, mental disorders both described as 'emotional acute states of confusion'.
Ground truthing of the model was accomplished within 6 sites in Latah and Idaho counties in Idaho and showed no omission at these sites.
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