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1. A fastening, as for a door or gate, typically consisting of a bar that fits into a notch or slot and is lifted from either side by a lever or string.
2. A spring lock, as for a door, that is opened from the outside by a key.
v. latched, latch·ing, latch·es
To close or lock with a latch.
1. To have or be closed with a latch.
2. To shut tightly so that the latch is engaged: a door too warped to latch.
latch on to/onto
1. To get hold of; obtain: latched on to a fortune in the fur trade.
2. To cling to.

[Middle English latche, from lacchen, to seize, from Old English læccan.]
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References in classic literature ?
Then he bent over and kissed the faded lips, and straightway made his stealthy exit, latching the door behind him.
Release date- 06082019 - L-com, an Infinite Electronics brand and a preferred manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, announced today that it has introduced a new series of latching USB 3.0 cables.
We've found bungee cords are an excellent latching solution.
Its multifunctional operating modes include the ability to be turned on using a small pulse applied to a third terminal in either latching or non-latching manners.
The FAA admonishes those persons having similar latching mechanisms in their aircraft to facilitate a positive lock to this slide-type closure.