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tr. & intr.v. lat·ened, lat·en·ing, lat·ens
To make or grow late.


rare to (cause to) become late


(ˈleɪt n)

v.t., v.i.
to make or become late.
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Adam Glover returns to our pages with "Latens Deitas: Eros, Divine Hiddenness, and the Language of Poetry." Glover looks at how the commentary tradition has treated the Song of Songs, "with special attention to the way in which that tradition regularly stages the relationship between bride and bridegroom as an erotic interplay of concealment and disclosure." He uses this tradition as a jump-off to reflection on how language itself, and in particular allegorical language, is meant not to reveal all mysteries but to produce desire.
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KG (ORS Group), Viaccess-Orca (Orange Group), Coretrust, Inc., Latens Systems Ltd., Wellav Technologies Ltd., Alticast Corporation and ARRIS Group, Inc.
Fifteen Northern Ireland companies were included in the Fast 50 list last year with four Belfast-based companies - Latens Systems Ltd, Leaf Consultancy, Rehabstudios and Export Technologies - making it into the top 10.
Other international speakers who will share their insights into the changing business of broadcasting are Microsoft Corporation in USA; Accedo Broadband from Hong Kong, Network18 from India, BT Media and Broadcast and Latens Systems from the UK.
This new group includes a number of companies that aren't part of the DECE, including AmberFin, Azuki Systems, BuyDRM, Envivio, Harmonic, Inlet Technologies, Irdeto, Latens, Media Excel, Nagravision, RGB Networks, Schneider Electric, and Wowza Media Systems.
Belfast-based company Latens, recently announced that Nepal's Satellite Channel has chosen the Latens and Media Nucleus solutions, which comprise Latens' direct-to-home (DTH) software CA system and will operate on STBs initially from Arion, providing Satellite Channel with a "highly flexible and secure" DTH delivery system.
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