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Noun1.latent content - (psychoanalysis) hidden meaning of a fantasy or dream
depth psychology, psychoanalysis, analysis - a set of techniques for exploring underlying motives and a method of treating various mental disorders; based on the theories of Sigmund Freud; "his physician recommended psychoanalysis"
subject matter, content, message, substance - what a communication that is about something is about
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As a therapist in training, I am learning to hear the manifest content and listen for the latent content. I felt it with this man, despite knowing that he liked me and was serious about our relationship.
Babbie (2010) added that analysis of latent content is also important.
This facade consists of a series of deformations produced by dream-work, the set of mental operations that transform the latent content of the dream into manifest content to render its true sexual meaning unrecognizable to the consciousness.
Whereas manifest content analysis refers to those elements that are present and countable, latent content analysis considers an interpretative reading of that data.
We conducted confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) to ensure that the four-dimensional latent content characteristic measure was appropriate.
Surrealism might be a good name for the visual language of this artwork and its basic operation of making manifest the latent content of repressed experiences, but another term is needed for artwork whose purpose is to work through and extirpate wartime trauma.
In her essay, "For the Ethical Treatment of Zombies," published in ( Icognitum Hactenus , Lauro notes, "A game of zombie tag played on a college campus is laden with all kinds of latent content: the race fear that characterized the first wave of zombie cinema (in films like White Zombie, 1932 and I Walked with a Zombie, 1943); commentaries on the social death of slaves, whose misery was first translated into the Haitian myth of zombies, and those who are still socially disenfranchised in our society, like prisoners, say, or the homeless."
Like a novelist who begins a career writing epic and colourful narratives and who then pares her vision to specific, jewel-like short stories and then goes deeper to write short, luminous poems, Esser has moved her work from expansive and colourful wall murals to table mounted ceramic sculpture that is restrained and mystical, shimmering with latent content and poetic implication.
Their manifest content, to use a Freudian term, actively hides their latent content.
The researchers focused on both manifest and latent content (Taylor, 2009).