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1. Present or potential but not evident or active: latent talent. See Synonyms at inactive.
2. Medicine Present but not symptomatic: a latent virus.
3. Biology Being in a condition of biological rest or inactivity characterized by cessation of growth or development and the suspension of many metabolic processes: a latent bud.
4. Psychology Present and accessible in the unconscious mind but not consciously expressed.
A fingerprint that is not apparent to the eye but can be made sufficiently visible, as by dusting or fuming, for use in identification.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin latēns, latent-, present participle of latēre, to lie hidden.]

la′tent·ly adv.
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But it was not in reasonable nature that a man so organized, and with such terrible experiences and remembrances as he had; it was not in nature that these things should fail in latently engendering an element in him, which, under suitable circumstances, would break out from its confinement, and burn all his courage up.
It was Kraft who first voiced the fear that each of us must have held latently. It came up apropos, of course, of certain questions of art at which we were hammering.
As history has shown repeatedly, such mandates are initially exhilarating for victors but are also latently double-edged as they impose additional challenges and expectations.
Browse Full Report with TOC- Additionally, the ongoing increase in demand for subsea connectors/penetrators and advanced connectivity solutions for better and reliable performance latently supports the growth of the marine penetrators market.
Of the 30pc who acquire the bacteria, 5-10pc will develop active disease in the next few months to two years, while the rest will remain latently infected.
Another risk of the disease comes when new plants, latently infected, are installed.
The "opinion" section helps her vent her own thoughts that have been latently cocooned within her.
Approximately 25% of the world's population is latently infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
In addition, the ideological divide has only been papered over, and the power struggle among leaders continues latently, i.e.
But what has always been a latently regular part of Egyptians' lives has changed considerably over the years, both socially and in numbers.
Latently infected tissues should be dispersed to yield infectious virus and the viable tissue cells will be cultured and serially passage for three times with susceptible cells.