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(Anatomy) (in anatomy) towards the side


(ˈlæt əˌræd)

Anat. toward the side.
[1805–15; < Latin later-, latus]
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External tubercles well developed laterad. Anterior angles of the head straight.
Hind angles strongly divergent, slightly recurved apically; dorsal carina shallowly arcuate, reaching 0.2X distance to pronotal anterior margin; deplanate laterad of dorsal carina, margin slightly reflexed, interim area punctate.
insularis small, most equal to the basal width of the (Franklin) D1 setae, occasionally some teeth laterad of the D1 setae are longer (Fig.
Mesonotum 2.5x longer than pronotum, shorter than mesofemora, median carina distinct; surface sparsely covered with small granules and few tubercle-like granules with a short carina before half being laterad of lateral margins.
Aedeagus represented by 2 stout, slightly sinuose, convergent sclerites, each with basal tip curved laterad, distal tip curved, pointed.
1C,D, 2E).The process formed by unpaired thick vertical stalk, the short and thick anterior branches directed anterad and acutely pointed, long posterior branches directed diagonally laterad, much longer and more slender, diverging and glabrous; span of the tips of long branches taking 60% width of midlobe.
Spermathecae with a small cylindrical head and a larger, rounded base, from which emerges a long, medially twisted fertilization duct pointing laterad (Figs.
The paraflexus is transversely oriented and opens laterad, while the metaflexus is enclosed by enamel.
19) (note: the anterior process is often hooked laterad and left at the apex).
The reticulations referred to by Amaral, if taken as the joining of middorsal dark markings, via diagonal stippling or solid lines to those farther laterad, are present throughout the range of L.