lateral pass

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lateral pass

n. Football
A usually underhand pass that is thrown sideways or somewhat backward with respect to downfield.

lat′eral pass′

a pass in football thrown parallel to the line of scrimmage or backward from the position of the passer.
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Noun1.lateral pass - a pass to a receiver upfield from the passer
passing, passing game, passing play, pass - (American football) a play that involves one player throwing the ball to a teammate; "the coach sent in a passing play on third and long"
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The Bears managed to hold the 49ers without a touchdown even after Mitch Trubisky's errant lateral pass to Tarik Cohen was recovered by the 49ers 26 yards from pay dirt.
Laurent Koscielny's ill-advised chipped, lateral pass still needed intercepting by Antonio Valencia, still needed the exchange of passes with Pogba, still needed the low, drilled finish.
The most common types of passes received by the line breaker were a short lateral pass (20%), long lateral pass (16%), or a skip pass (17%), and one-third of all line breaks were made when there were 2 passes in the final phase.
Superb control from Jennings presented the Tranmere captain with a shooting opportunity before the break, but he was hesitant and elected a lateral pass to Taylor-Fletcher, which was easily cut out.
It makes a lateral pass: it runs the logic backwards.
The Rems-Murr clinics gGmbH procured for the new hospital in Winnenden including supply and installation of approximately 541 lockers, about 4 Wardrobes, about 27 wash racks, about 28 security compartments, about 11 lockers, about 10 shoe racks, about 8 shoe racks, about 5 hood shelves, : about 3 mouthguard shelves, about 54 seats, about 154 m of ceiling panels, about 48 corner panels, : about 41 Lateral Pass Aperture
I asked my colleagues on the sports desk and someone mentioned something about Brian Flynn donkeys years ago, but nobody could come up with anything better than Teddy Sheringham's disguised lateral pass to Alan Shearer against Holland in Euro 96.
With Drogba shackled, Chelsea reverted to type and were going nowhere until the previously peripheral Malouda decided to leave his mark on the game in the 62nd minute, running into Finnan inside the area while stepping over Wright-Phillips lateral pass intended for Drogba and fooling Styles into awarding a penalty.
In Lateral Pass (1985), a single male dancer, aided by belt apparatus, hovered over the others, sometimes swooping lower to engage in duets.
But Cadamarteri chose the wrong option, shooting straight at Chelsea keeper De Goey when a lateral pass to Barmby would surely have reaped an emphatic reward.

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