lateral rectus

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Noun1.lateral rectus - the ocular muscle whose contraction turns the eyeball outwardlateral rectus - the ocular muscle whose contraction turns the eyeball outward
eye muscle, ocular muscle - one of the small muscles of the eye that serve to rotate the eyeball
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Large bilateral lateral rectus recession is done when the acuity is good in each eye.
Patients with impending perforation or perforated corneal ulcers, pterygium, keratomalacia, Steven-Johnson syndrome, Bowen's disease, exposed lateral rectus, etc.
Here, we reported a rare case that localized in the left lateral rectus.
Ten months after the initial surgery, he underwent a full-thickness transposition of the superior and inferior rectus muscles to the lateral rectus muscle and a 5/0 multifilament nonabsorbable lateral fixation suture (Foster) was placed in the sclera 8 mm posterior to the lateral rectus insertion incorporating the superior rectus and one fourth of the lateral rectus muscle.
As the lateral rectus and medial rectus only have muscle actions in one plane, it is unlikely that dysfunction of these muscles will give vertical diplopia unless there is also a weakness in one of the vertically acting muscles.
MRI revealed thickening of the lateral rectus muscle together with contrast enhancement (Figure 2).
Table 1: Extraocular examination of left eye Extraocular muscle Function Movement of left eye Medial rectus Adduction Absent Superior rectus Elevator in abduction Absent Inferior rectus Depressor in abduction Absent Inferior oblique Elevator in adduction Absent Superior oblique Depressor in adduction Present but not full Lateral rectus Abduction Absent
The sixth cranial nerve (abducens nerve) innervates the lateral rectus muscle in the ipsilateral eye.
2 cm in the right orbit along the right lateral rectus and superior rectus muscles.
The abducent nerve innervates the lateral rectus muscle which abducts the eye (move away from the midline).
The patient had bilateral lateral rectus paresis and bilateral diplopia in the lateral gaze.