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Localization of a function, such as speech, to the right or left side of the brain.

lat′er·al·ize′ v.
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(ˌlætərəlaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


(Medicine) the limitation of a bodily function, such as speech or handedness, to one side of the brain
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(ˌlæt ər ə ləˈzeɪ ʃən)

functional specialization of the brain, with some skills, as language, occurring primarily in the left hemisphere and others, as the perception of visual and spatial relationships, occurring primarily in the right hemisphere.
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Noun1.lateralization - localization of function on either the right or left sides of the brain
localisation, localisation of function, localisation principle, localization of function, localization principle, localization - (physiology) the principle that specific functions have relatively circumscribed locations in some particular part or organ of the body
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Rinne's test was negative on the left side and Weber's test showed lateralization towards the left side.
In addition, she argues, both R and L explicitly think self-referential "I-thoughts," despite the fact that only L is a fluent language speaker (due to the left lateralization of language).
Recurrence of sinonasal disease can be caused by many factors, including lateralization of the middle turbinate as a complication of endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS).
Our previous research found that, with the improvement of the spasticity after Botox injection, the excitability of the primary motor cortex (M1) in AH and the cortex around the lesion was increased while the excitability of the corresponding area in UH was decreased means that the lateralization improvement appeared.[3]
In summary, our analyses revealed abnormal lateralization in M1 and SMA during unimanual movements, which is consistent with previous findings in the literature (19).
The ictal bradycardia syndrome: localization and lateralization. Epilepsia 2006; 47: 737-44.
Purpose: Bilateral vocal fold immobility (BVFI) presents a challenging endeavor to surgeons and a suture lateralization (SL) procedure under endoscopy has been proposed to treat BVFI.
[1 2] Although its effect on hip lateralization has not been well-established, yet, less hip adduction with a symmetric sitting position has been observed on a quadriplegic cerebral palsy case.
This is particularly true for midsize enterprises that lack the expertise and resources to defend against lateralization attacks.
"Despite the unpredictable inflammatory changes, the exact lateralization in millimeters with the new domes technique allowed precise estimation of the long-term outcome of the rotation of the nasal tip, enabling the surgeon to determine from the preoperative plan the definitive rotation angle of the nose," the authors write.
The role of lateralization in the functional outcome of the brain from stroke is not well established.