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The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) is again teaming up with Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha and Putnams ReStore to collect and recycle unused latex paint.
Paint Shield is an Interior microbicidal latex paint.
coli and other bacteria within two hours of exposure on a painted surface, Sherwin-Williams Paint Shield[R] Microbicidal Interior Latex Paint also has the ability to go on killing 90 percent of those loathsome bugs, over and over again, for up to four years.
For another out-of-the-box promotion, teach customers how to make their own chalkboard paint with products you stock, including non-sanded grout, latex paint in any color, mixing cups or buckets, brushes or rollers and paint mixer drill attachments.
Latex paint cleans up easily with water, so you don't need harsh VOC-emitting solvents to work with it.
I have cans of old latex paint and stains that I want to dispose of, but the trash people or recyclers won't take them.
Grab satin-finish latex paint in the colour of your choice and a stencil that you love (something large scale can look especially striking).
Our tests confirmed that this sprayer can handle unthinned latex paint and that the paint surface has a little texture when dry.
The modified rubber particles are useful in surface coatings, such as latex paint or powder coatings, and can be used as a soil substitute.
Latex paint is not classified as hazardous and may be discarded with regular trash.
The store takes in customers' leftovers of Forrest Paint brand latex paint.
Because fewer or no VOCs are released, latex paint is significantly less harmful to building occupants.