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Plural of lats.
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Lati's gift pack reached him a few days after when he took to Instagram to thank the singer for being so generous with a new red Benz worth N70 million.
inCharnwood is an initiative by Charnwood Borough Council to drive inward investment in the area and LATi provides networking and business support.
Area businesses and industry benefit greatly from the education and training provided by LATI, and in return, the LATI Impact Partners contribute to the school by serving on advisory boards, and by providing internship opportunities, equipment donations and financial contributions.
He said closure of major textile producers at the Lati industrial units has caused mammoth losses as they produce goods for both foreign and domestic markets.
The commission also served the notice to LATI to install appropriate the treatment plants.
"He bodies leadership, character, and skill of LATI" from a fellow student.
For winning the prize, LATI receives $600,000 of a $1 million prize pool.
The small village of Lati is occupied by the Taliban, which has apparently denied any involvement in the beheading.
"The use of injection moulded thermoconductive resins allows even very complex shapes and high dimensional accuracy, thus making the assembly process of finished product more efficient," explained Andrew Donkin, LATI Sales Manager for UK and Ireland.
aastal kaasa Eesti valispoliitilise orientatsiooni Saksamaale ning Lati ja Leedu valispoliitilise orientatsiooni muutuse 1938.