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n. pl. lat·i·fun·di·a (-dē-ə)
A large landed estate, especially of the ancient Romans.

[Latin lātifundium : lātus, broad + fundus, estate, base.]


n, pl -dia (-dɪə)
(Agriculture) a large agricultural estate, esp one worked by slaves in ancient Rome
[C17: from Latin lātus broad + fundus farm, estate]


(ˌlæt əˈfʌn di əm)

n., pl. -di•a (-di ə)
a large agricultural estate, esp. in the ancient world.
[1620–30; < Latin =lāt(us) wide, broad + -i- -i- + fund(us) land, farm, + -ium -ium1]
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It gives continuity to the abolitionist rupture, because in its article 2 it states that "slavery is abolished forever." It prohibits the sale and purchase of properties for white men (article 12) and expropriates properties for the state, avoiding the return of the oligarchic latifundium.
Le point de depart de ce texte c'est l'affirmation que <<le probleme indigene s'identifie avec le probleme de la terre>>, c'est-a-dire l'asservissement des masses indigenes par le latifundium feodal.
Ainda sem ter ganhado uma traducao do frances, a tese de Moacir Palmeira intitulada Latifundium et Capitalisme au Bresil: Lecture Critique d'un debat, defendida em 1971, permanece leitura incontornavel sobre o tema.
In the socio-economic approach, he understood that the Brazilian cuisine, particularly in the sugarcane wood area, was the product of an economic and social system based on a slaveholding latifundium monoculture.
(62) The FARC attacked the land restitution and production related association policies, as well the long-term lease agreements and argued for the elimination of the latifundium. The FARC also insisted on including the topic of mining into the negotiations.
Neukirchen Metsa Oy was advised by Latifundium Management GmbH on the acquisition.
In an extensive region located between the states of Valle del Cauca and Cauca, the "Hacienda de campo" developed as the prevailing economic model during the period between the 17th and the 19th centuries, consisting on agriculture, mining, black slaves trading, and cattle farming latifundium.
The section on agriculture called for the solution to the agrarian crisis by redistributing land to encourage the re-emergence of individual farming and reduction of the latifundium. Most of the Republicanos (those who followed Barbosa's pro-annexation ideas) criticized Tous Soto and rejected the new political association called Partido Alianza (NARA Record Group 350, 719-A, Entry 5, Box 112; Pagan 1959:201-202, 231-232).
(40.) PISO, l.: <<L'aristocratie municipale de la Dacie et la grande propriete fonciere>> dans Du Latifundium au Latifondo.