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Deserving commendation; praiseworthy.

laud′a·bil′i·ty, laud′a·ble·ness n.
laud′a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.laudably - in an admirable mannerlaudably - in an admirable manner; "the children's responses were admirably normal"
بصورةِ تَسْتَحِق الثَّناء
dicséretre méltó módon
övgüye değer şekilde


[ˈlɔːdəblɪ] ADVde modo loable


advlobenswerterweise; laudably unselfish remarkslobenswert selbstlose Worte pl


(ˈloːdəbl) adjective
worthy of being praised. a laudable effort.
ˈlaudably adverb
References in classic literature ?
It was natural for four reasons: firstly, because Mrs Quilp being a young woman and notoriously under the dominion of her husband ought to be excited to rebel; secondly, because Mrs Quilp's parent was known to be laudably shrewish in her disposition and inclined to resist male authority; thirdly, because each visitor wished to show for herself how superior she was in this respect to the generality of her sex; and forthly, because the company being accustomed to acandalise each other in pairs, were deprived of their usual subject of conversation now that they were all assembled in close friendship, and had consequently no better employment than to attack the common enemy.
It is true that he was flagrantly in the wrong, his victim as laudably in the right.
Do they yield so laudably to the vast and cumulative influence of such enterprise and such renown; do those little rills become absorbed so quietly and easily, and, as it were by the influence of natural laws, so beautifully, in the swoop of the majestic stream as it flows upon its wondrous way enriching the surrounding lands; that their course is perfectly to be calculated, and distinctly to be predicated?
However, there has been some pioneering work done on translating Santiago Papasquiaro's work into English, notably and laudably by Cole Heinowitz, whose afterword concludes this section.
Four of those admittedly ended in defeat, but he has shown a laudably consistent streak over hurdles and deserves to win again.
Disgracefully, it was not raced for until Crayford and Ladbrokes laudably picked up the baton and ran with it last year - Ernie Gaskin's Corrin Bob grabbing gold.
But, laudably, that hasn't prompted a backlash against the overseas staff.
The Met, off and on, ignores Poulenc's preference (as it did in its last, brief revival in 2013); Washington National Opera, in a company premiere, laudably and sensibly didn't.
While the 1987 Constitution has laudably enshrined people's organizations, cooperatives, and NGOs as the fleshing out of the 'people power' legacy of the Filipino nation, it was not long before a number of these organizations were corrupted by predatory individuals in collusion with certain self-serving politicians," Chipeco said.
Laudably, her starting point is explicitly not theological, as she wants to demonstrate the pervasiveness of a relational model of "the world" through insights drawn from philosophy and the natural and behavioral sciences.
Government leaders, commentators and Jewish organizations laudably demand high-level interventions and the need to protect Jewish facilities and Jews themselves from the onslaught.
They have nevertheless remained astonishingly and laudably peaceful," he added.