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tr.v. laud·ed, laud·ing, lauds
To give praise to; glorify. See Synonyms at praise.
1. Praise; glorification.
2. A hymn or song of praise.
3. lauds also Lauds(used with a sing. or pl. verb)
a. Ecclesiastical The service of prayers formerly following the matins and constituting with them the first of the seven canonical hours.
b. The time appointed for this service.

[Middle English lauden, from Old French lauder, from Latin laudāre, from laus, laud-, praise.]

laud′er n.


(Biography) Sir Harry. real name Hugh MacLennan. 1870–1950, Scottish ballad singer and music-hall comedian
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Noun1.Lauder - Scottish ballad singer and music hall comedian (1870-1950)Lauder - Scottish ballad singer and music hall comedian (1870-1950)
2.lauder - someone who communicates high praise
communicator - a person who communicates with others
applauder, clapper - someone who applauds
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