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Gaston took his wife's pretty face between his hands and looked tenderly and laughingly into her troubled eyes.
Alice laughingly followed her sister, who instantly led the way from an apartment where she perceived their presence was no longer desirable.
You mustn't mind Dick, or he'll go off and kill himself with shame," he whispered laughingly in her ear.
Yes, if it is not very long," said Phoebe,--and added laughingly, --"nor very dull.
On returning to the cab our friend was joined by his companion, who said laughingly, "I should have thought, Wright, you had enough business of your own to look after, without troubling yourself about other people's horses and servants.
This was all said merrily and laughingly, but there were times when Huldah could scarcely make up her mind whether Rebecca was trying to be witty, or whether she was jealous; but she generally decided it was merely the latter feeling, rather natural in a girl who had little attention.
I have heard him do so laughingly, saying, among other things, that he was the only benefactor of his country in the company, and that when others would do as much as he had done, we should be relieved of "the d d niggers.
But there was no harm in his way of saying this: it was said laughingly, and to beguile the time.
I saw her, a most beautiful little creature, with the cloudless blue eyes, that had looked into my childish heart, turned laughingly upon another child of Minnie's who was playing near her; with enough of wilfulness in her bright face to justify what I had heard; with much of the old capricious coyness lurking in it; but with nothing in her pretty looks, I am sure, but what was meant for goodness and for happiness, and what was on a good and happy course.
Indeed, I recognised it as being of a Parisian design as yet little known in England; while on the tops of the stockings I laughingly suspected a border designed by a certain eccentric artist, who devotes his strange gifts to decorating with fascinating miniatures the under-world of woman.
When the dole was ended, laughingly she said, Master, of a million mouths, is not one unfed?
The princess, not knowing its value, laughingly bade the slave take it and make the exchange.