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Noun1.launch area - a platform from which rockets or space craft are launchedlaunch area - a platform from which rockets or space craft are launched
platform - a raised horizontal surface; "the speaker mounted the platform"
launching site - a place for launching pads
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The second level requires a vehicle to take off from a designated launch area, climb to an altitude of 150 feet, hover for 180 seconds, then land precisely on a simulated, rocky, lunar surface 100 meters away.
Launch site C25-1 is now a settlement that provides dwellings to some of the large number of Moscow's urbanites that have some kind of summer residence outside the city (Ioffe & Nefedova 1998) but retains elements of the distinctive 'herringbone' arrangement of the former launch area in the layout of its road network (Figure 10a).
This was just fine for non-NASA folks, as there are plenty of good areas to fish from just north of the launch area.
The state of Texas has been in talks with SpaceX about building its site here and not in Florida or Puerto Rico, sites the company is also considering for its launch area, the Houston Chronicle reported last Friday.
Agility also enables boost-phase intercepts if the interceptor can be positioned close enough to the threat launch area.
Addressing the participants at the launch area, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, General Rashad Mahmood, congratulated the scientists and engineers on achieving yet another milestone towards Pakistan's deterrence capability.
Wind gusts, sticking fuel valves and a rogue boat entering the launch area meant the rocket carrying Orion could not blast off.
Addressing the participant troops and scientists at the launch area, the Director General Strategic Plans Division, Lieutenant General Zubair Mahmood Hayat, congratulated them on achieving yet another milestone towards consolidation of full spectrum credible minimum deterrence.
Innovation Launch Area residents will introduce and present novel solutions to Worcester-area transportation challenges.
The Raven's pre-launch patrol showed the space launch area was clear of any trespassers or people wandering in unsafe areas in search of a good view of the ICBM blasting into the dark California sky.
The seven proposed rules include a ban on open-water swimmers from coming within 100 feet of the boat launch area and other designated swim spots on the 61-acre, 100-foot deep pond.
Local man Arwel Hughes took a picture of two sailors struggling to negotiate their craft over the stones on the new launch area.