launch into

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يَشْرَعُ مُتَحَمِّسا
dát se do
kaste sig ud i
hefjast handa, kasta sér útí
azimle girişmekistekle başlamak

w>launch into

vi +prep obj (= question, attack etc vigorously)angreifen; the author launches straight into his main themeder Autor kommt gleich zum Hauptthema; he launched into a description of his new houseer legte mit einer Beschreibung seines neuen Hauses los (inf)


(loːntʃ) verb
1. to make (a boat or ship) slide into the water or (a rocket) leave the ground. As soon as the alarm was sounded, the lifeboat was launched; The Russians have launched a rocket.
2. to start (a person, project etc) off on a course. His success launched him on a brilliant career.
3. to throw.
(an) act of launching.
ˈlaunching-pad noun
a platform from which a rocket can be launched.
launch into
to begin eagerly. He launched into an enthusiastic description of the play.
launch out
to throw oneself freely into some new activity (often involving spending money).