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 (lôn′dər, län′-)
v. laun·dered, laun·der·ing, laun·ders
a. To wash (clothes, for example).
b. To wash, fold, and iron: shirts that were neatly laundered by the hotel staff.
2. To make (illegally obtained money) appear lawfully obtained or legitimate, especially by transferring it through legitimate accounts or businesses.
3. To make more acceptable or presentable, sanitize: "The transcripts are, of course, laundered ... unidentified larger chunks of conversation are reported missing throughout" (Eliot Fremont-Smith).
1. To undergo washing in a specified way: This material launders well.
2. To wash or prepare laundry.
A trough or flume used in washing ore.

[From Middle English launder, lavender, launderer, from Old French lavandier, from Vulgar Latin *lavandārius, from Latin lavandāria, things to be washed, from lavanda, neuter pl. gerundive of lavāre, to wash; see leu(ə)- in Indo-European roots.]

laun′der·er n.
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Although hiding funds increases the risk of seizure by authorities or theft by other criminals, it eliminates the need for a professional money launderer, who typically charges a fee ranging from 3 to 5 percent to assist in transferring the money through legitimate financial institutions.
In the first six months of this year, prosecutions included a pounds 25 million bootlegging fraud and a pounds 70 million money laundering case against the first person in England to be convicted solely as a money launderer.
In this process large sums of money are broken down into small amounts which the money launderer then deposits at different banks, eventually bringing it all together again through a series of apparently legitimate transactions.
While fixing pipes, she meets sleazy Mob money launderer Caesar (Joe Pantoliano) and his voluptuous girlfriend Violet (Jennifer Tilly).
THE escape of an alleged Mexican money launderer just before President Clinton certified that Mexico was cooperating fully with efforts to fight drug trafficking illustrates the folly of that decision.
This is the first product we are aware of that allows financial institutions to verify - in real time - the identity of a new client while simultaneously checking whether that client is a suspected or known corrupt politician, terrorist, money launderer or fraudster," said Bob Cofod, president and founder of BANKDetect.
The CIA and FBI claim he is a money launderer and fundraiser for Osama bin Laden.
Dubai: A launderer was honoured by Dubai Police for returning Dh2,500 that he found in a police officer's uniform.
These individuals and entities comprise a Spain-based money laundering cell that moves illicit narcotics proceeds from Europe to Colombia and operates under the direction of Colombian money launderer Isc Perez Guberek Ravinovicz.
But Nomura's recommendations was ironic in the extreme, essentially advising clients to substitute an admitted money launderer for an accused money launderer.
Abdul Baqi Bari, the Taliban financier, allegedly served as a money launderer for the group since 2011, according to the department, which said he had used a company to funnel money to Taliban and Al-Qaeda.